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Hi There! I have been creating artwork for over 25 years and until I attended the prestigious Emily Carr College of Art and Design I had dabbled in any medium that had taken my fancy. However painting had always been high on my list, but I was unable to find the passion that I was striving for, until I took a course in stained glass that changed my life. Finally I could paint with LIGHT!! The passion for my craft has only grown and developed over time to include new techniques and uses for glass. Now I create anything from one of a kind jewelry to custom designed accents for your home. With unlimited ideas you will always find that perfect piece that will tickle your fancy. However if you should see something that you would like in another size or color just email me and I will strive to customize a piece for you, Or if you have your own idea that you would like to see in stained glass email me and I will create it for you. Check back regularly and see the latest creations from my studio. Thank you for your patronage, past and present. Tiffany Exclusively Stained Glass Lorraine Scott (designer)

“The difference between Artwork and A Work of Art is the LOVE that goes into creating it.” Lorraine Scott





Hi there Lorraine,


Today I received my beautiful candle holder and I am so pleased with the purchase that I have decided to keep it for myself and not give it away as a gift. I love it and look forward to future shopping on your site.. Great Work!!


Miranda D. (Ontario, Canada)





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