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Quilled Memories was started as a hobby. In high school and college, I worked in a craft store. While working there, I was introduced quilling. For me, this craft required my concentration, but while concentrating on this activity I blocked everything else out – my troubles, worries, everything. Quilling became my retreat!

My first major quilling project was an alphabet quill for my oldest niece and goddaughter. For this, I used a kit and quilled an item that started with the respective letter for all 26 letters (As a side note, if you want to try quilling, I do recommend you start with a kit. It does help!). Then, I free form quilled my nieces name. It was beautiful, though not perfect. But for my first major quill, I could not be happier.

Over the next few years, I made little things – knick-knack shelves of quilled designs, hanging placards with different designs. By this point, everything I did was free form, so there was not kit. Then my cousin announced her upcoming wedding. Her invitation had an intricate heart design. My creative juices got flowing. I free formed a quilled replica of her invitation complete with their wedding date. This was their wedding gift from my husband and I.

A few years later, my younger sister announced her wedding. I realized this would be the perfect gift for her and her soon-to-be husband. Her invitation was definitely more intricate – a clip art sample of the Chicago Sky Line. I spent about 3 months quilling the Willis Tower (Former Sears Tower for true Chicago Residents!) and the surrounding buildings. One day as I working on the quill, our mother had an idea. My sister did not like the idea of a traditional guest book. Our mother suggested we get use the matt of the quill design as the guestbook. As I completed the quill, my husband had an idea – lights for the tower. Of course, I had to do this! At the end, Willis Tower could light up. The guest book alternative was a success. The picture of it is in my gallery and one of the main photos.

Unfortunately, about a year before my sister’s wedding, I fell ill. I struggled with a chronic illness for almost 2 and ½ years. Quilling my sister’s wedding book was extremely painful. In addition to her wedding book, I quilled her table numbers. Once I was finished with the quilling, I put the items away. The hobby that was once my solace, was now too painful to continue.

In January, after months of chronic sickness and pain, my husband came across a possible cause (or reason for worsened symptoms) for my illness and pain – a food sensitivity. Within a month of eliminating nightshades (which is easier said than done) from my diet, I had marked improvement. Since January, I continue to improve daily. It was the end of February of this year that my friend sent her invitation for her wedding. I pulled out my quilling for the first time in a few years. I realized, the pain was significantly less. I was able to create her quilled guestbook alternative based on her invitation.

Since then, I have had a number people ask me about these items. After multiple requests, I decided to craft a general quilled guestbook alternative that is affordable and elegant for all brides. I do commission pieces for the couple who wishes to have quilled guestbook alternative based on their invitation or another special memento.

In addition, I started quilling different items – ornaments, earrings, home décor, and table numbers to name a few. My goal as I craft each item, regardless of a commission piece or a standard ornament, is to provide people with an elegant product at an affordable price. For me, crafting each piece is a haven. Therefore, I keep the prices low as gratitude for doing something that so fulfilling for me.


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