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Granny's Crochet Chest & Gift Shop - ABOUT US

Welcome to Granny's Crochet Chest and Woodcrafted Gift Shop where you can purchase handmade crocheted items, or woodcrafted items for gifts and tell them it was custom made just for them! You can even fib and say you made it! We won't tell.  There's something special about receiving a gift that was made by hand especially for you.  When someone has spent hours, weeks, months to handcraft an item and then give it away.... well.... that says something real special about the recipient. It's says they are loved, they are special to you, and they are precious, as is the handcrafted gift you give them.  

Unfortunately these days, families at every level lead very busy lives.  A multitude of grandma's and grandpa's out there continue to work full time jobs well past retirement age.  For some they may just enjoy the work they do and aren't ready to retire. For other's they like to shop or travel and see the world, or simply be able to do things for others, which of course requires money. For still others, they work out of necessity to support themselves and/or families. Granny crochet's because she loves to watch a project take shape and become a great gift for someone.  Grandpa likes to tinker with wood and his laser etching machine for the same reason.  He crafts wonderful wood gifts in his workshop then customizes them with his laser etching machine.  He also laser cuts some wood and other material items to create uniquely personalized gifts and decorative items for the home or office.

We keep very little inventory as most everything we create is customized in one way or another.  Our practice and goal is to create a product that you will be 100% satisfied with.  We will email a photo of the finished product to you prior to shipping for approval.  This assures that you will get exactly what you ordered.  If you find some defect or flaw we will gladly refund your purchase price upon return of non-customized, non-personalized items.  If you purchase a customized or personalized item and you approved the pre-shipment photo, returns are limited to damage during shipping with some exceptions as we believe are reasonable.

Thank you for browsing our gift shop, if you don't see what you need or want, please contact us and describe what it is that you are looking for or how you would like an item customized/personalized.  We'll let you know if it's something we can fashion for you.  You're sure to find something that catches your eye in Granny's Crochet Chest & Woodcrafted Gift shop

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